Dance Out Transformers! {quick update and photograph}

I am *insanely* busy this week.. partially due to my poor planning.  How does the Holiday season always just jump onto my lap?  Although it doesn’t really help that my family decided to have Christmas early this year, pushing a lot of deadlines weeks ahead.  I have a very special commission to have finished for the weekend, plus a bunch of food and gifts.  I will have more updates about my projects next week, in the mean time enjoy this fun photo I took of a Mini-Con a while ago:

He's a dance machine! (Pun totally intended)

By the way, do you remember that blog contest I posted a few weeks ago here? Well, I won!  I am very excited to be receiving that beautiful art doll.  It is going to motivate me to start my art wall gallery that I have prepped and sitting in a pile.  I will make a full post about this once I get the doll in the mail!   (and yeah, I know, I have great luck in draws)



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