Upcycled Vintage Table Cloth turned Body Pillow

I found this beautiful vintage table cloth (or at least.. I think it was a table cloth..) at a new, local vintage store called the Sentimentalist.  They have *the best* entrance door, which I unfortunately don’t have a photo of, but one day I will and I will post it.  Their official website is still pretty bare, but their Facebook page is kept up to date and have a bunch of photos showing some of their stuff and the shop itself.

The Sentamentalist on our fridge

Any ways, on to my lovely new pillow:

Front and back of finished pillow

I made a simple pillow insert, and then made the table cloth into a pillow case (so that I can wash it when necessary.. it is white, we do have cats and I am very clumsy). I added the red buttons on the back, I have a huge collection of buttons and I was surprised to actually find a set of five that were the same, and they matched.  Originally I was going to use a variety of over sized ms-matched buttons, but I like how “clean” these ones look.  I actually can’t decide which side I prefer!

A "Before" shot, and a few clsoe ups of the material.

The cloth itself depicts various birds from New Zealand.  Each bird is even labelled.

I am really happy that I was able to use this in a new project, and turn it into something that I use every day, and without cutting it up at all!  I love how it fits on my couch, and it is super comfy, since the pillow insert is a rag pillow.  All together, this project cost $8.99, for both the pillow insert and pillow case, and it took me about 4 hours all together.  If anyone is interested in a tutorial, let me know!  I think I will be making more pillows like this in the near future.

Thanks for looking!!

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