V Stands for Victory {Sailor V Costume}

Okay, these are still not the *best* images, and that is entirely my fault (I was extremely tired when they were taken, I managed to forget to put my gloves on, and I didn’t get a single shot that shows the pretty awesome, glittery moon I had on my forehead..  so better pictures will have to wait until I fix the top of the costume).

Sailor V Costume/ Cosplay

So, technically, the costume isn’t finished.  The top needs the most work, I need to fix the red panels on the bottom, and add the red on the sleeves.  I also need to make the pointy shoulder guards (I did however, have armour with shoulder guards, but they  are not pointy).  I also failed to make the white choker, which will be easy to make for next time.  I had an elaborate idea of making an Artemis purse, but I couldn’t figure out the design in time to actually make it.

But, overall, I am pretty happy with my first full attempt at making a Sailor Moon costume of any kind.  I think that I adjusted the costume to be appropriate to withstand cold, Canadian Halloweens, which was a goal when making it.  I hand dyed the skirt and fuku (technically the fuku is made from material cut off the bottom of the skirt, I am so crafty!), and I hand dyed the front bow.  The glasses I made from previously owned glasses that I made clay additions for, glued on and painted red.  If anyone has any questions, or wants details about any part of the costume let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to give more info!



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