Lauren Brevner – blog contest

As a few people know, I am completely infatuated with the idea of making Ball Jointed Dolls, and using clay in my plush creations.  In my never-ending quest to find understandable information on the subject I came across this blog, of a fellow Canadian artist named Lauren Brevner.  What I enjoy the most about her blog is that she posts a lot of progress shots, and that she shares both her (beautiful) successes and failures.  Once I start actually working on my own BJD, I hope that I can also be so candid and post so frequently about my progress and set backs.

She is currently hosting a contest to win this very lovely doll:

Lauren Brevner

To enter, click here, and follow her very easy instructions. 

I really would love to win this though, being able to see and hold another clay doll would help me immensely, and I would definitely love to hang some original and beautiful art in my home. *Fingers Crossed*



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