Holiday Boot Camp 2011 {week three}

Okay, I’m going to try to move past the fail that was last week..

I can’t believe that I am already on week three of Etsy’s Holiday Success Boot Camp.  I feel like I still haven’t been working on things enough.  I think that might mean that I haven’t been..  Oh no!

First though, a few updates on previous week’s tasks and previous goals that I had set:

In week one, I was confused by offering gift wrap and faster shipping.  I have since found that that you *can* offer gift wrap as a separate option, however it HAS to be able to be purchased on its own, without the purchase of anything else from my shop.  I think that this works wonderfully for sellers that want to offer traditional gift wrapping, but does not work as well for sellers who want to offer more sustainable and less wasteful forms of gift wrapping.  I am thinking that I will offer gift wrapping for free during the holidays, and suggest that customers request it at the time of purchase?

These are the initial goals that I had set during week one:

  • Maintain my blog with at least two posts a week, and update my website at least once a month.
  • Online Roller Store Catalogue.
  • Produce small series in time for Halloween.
  • Introduce a new product series for Christmas.

I am trying really hard to maintain the blog with two posts a week.  I am just starting to figure out a blog schedule, and writing out every idea that I have for a blog post.  I admit, that writing these boot camp updates really help with the two posts a week thing, and so I really should have no excuse.

I will be working on the Roller Store catalogue this week, thanks to the tasks that were assigned!

I’m not going to produce a small series for Halloween.  When I made these goals, I admit, that this one was thrown in just to try to push myself.. but I think that I already have a little more than I can handle (especially with Halloween coming up, and my costume isn’t even started yet).

I do still want to work on a small series for Christmas, however I am still unsure what it will be.. but I better get started on that soon.


Okay, so now on to Week Three’s tasks and goals.  This week focused on an aspect that I should be really good at already, but is something that I have not put as much effort as I could: photography.

Seeing as how I went to school for photography, this should really be a piece of cake.  But, I was never actually trained in product photography and admit that I am still getting better.  I think I really need to just take the time to set up shots nicely and cleanly.  I need to set up a white box somewhere in the house. All of this being said, reading through all of the Etsy posts on cameras and photography was a little bland and boring, but since I am always willing to get better, and learn new techniques and ideas, I still read all of them.

  1. Go through get to know your camera checklist:  DONE
  2. Read Etsy’s guide to photography: DONE
  3. Photograph holiday packaging:  … none?
  4. Master depth of field: DONE DONE!
  5. Compare photo critiques with buddy:  NEED TO DO!!
  6. Add new photos to listings

So, I need to touch base with my boot camp buddies, and hopefully we can help each other out with the photos a bit.  I’m not 100% happy with my current product photographs, and so I really need to re-take literally all of them.  This will also get me working on the Roller Store Catalogue that I have planned.

Current listing photograph of Wade

Current listing photograph of a Grey Kittopus

If any one else wants to critique my product photos, please do!  I’m always open to opinions, and ideas, just leave your thoughts in the comments.  As always, thank you for reading,



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