Holiday Boot Camp 2011 {week two}

Okay okay, so this is really late.  I actually started this post on Monday.. but never got around to finishing it.  Now, I already have to make another Holiday Boot Camp post (I just read week three’s e-mail..).  But, I guess no one even suggested that this was going to be easy, in fact, everything has told me that this is going to be hard.

This (past) weeks tasks:

1: Read Etsy Blog Post “Study Stocking Up for the Holidays”


2: Fill out Holiday Product Worksheet

I still have to do this.. although it really doesn’t help that I don’t really have a specific demographic that I target.. or do I?  Either way, today I *AM* going to sit down with my products and try to get through the worksheet that Etsy suggested.  This exercise is actually probably better for me in the sense that I will have a better inventory after.

3: Create to-do list for launching Holiday products

First, I need to decide on what to launch.. I suppose.  I’m not really interested in making Holiday specific (themed) products.  I have a lot of things in “development” stage, which means I really need to pick one and then push it into final product stage.

4: Check in with Etsy Success Forum thread


5 Check in with Boot Camp Buddy (buddies?)

Done and done.

6: Keep an eye on Search Ad Stats

I don’t have Search Ads.. and I don’t plan on purchasing them this season.. so.. done?


I guess the main thing I need to do is sit down with my products, and use the Holiday Product Worksheet to try to re-work how to list them.. I also need to figure how to list of the stuff I have.  I am a little disappointed in myself for not actually completing week two, however I do think that I will somewhat adjust the time periods for the rest of the Etsy Holiday Boot Camp.  I don’t get a lot, if any, work done during the weekends right now (due to other job work, and forcing myself to have at least some relaxation time), and with the Etsy weeks running from Thursday to Thursday, it doesn’t mesh well with my schedule.  I think I will try to focus on having things done from the Monday to Friday of the following week.  That way, I can read next week’s goals and to do’s on the weekend and focus on the tasks during the week.  I am going to try to make my Holiday Boot Camp post early in the week though, and just go back and edit it as I complete tasks.

To see my post on Week One of Etsy’s Holiday Boot Camp click here.




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