experiment in felt {gift}

So, when it comes to making gifts for people, I naturally want to make something completely *new* to me.  Its not that I mean to experiment on my friends and family, its more that I don’t give myself a lot of time to make one-offs or make some of the stuff that I don’t want to sell.  I know that, trying to craft as a business, I can’t be constantly learning new crafts, otherwise I will never be really good at any one thing.

I have been seeing tutorials for making decorative pom poms all over the internet this past summer.  I love love things like that, and they are definitely something that I will be making for myself (eventually).  So when I decided to make a gift for my Aunt Christine after she very generously gave me money when E-Di needed surgery, my mind immediately went to those fun decorative poofs.  All of the tutorials I found online were for materials such as jersey, or tissue paper.  I couldn’t find any colours of jersey that I was willing to cut up around the house, so I went to the stash that I knew had the colours I wanted: felt!

I knew that there would be some added difficulties for using felt instead of jersey or tissue paper, but I was willing to take the risk and I figured if it didn’t work out I would either think of something else, or head to the store for tissue paper.  I made these two pom poms a little smaller than some of the more adventurous ones I’ve seen, but I was worried about it not working.  But, they did turn out pretty well.  They look a lot thicker than their jersey and tissue counter parts, but the “petals” are easy to move into place, they don’t sag at all, and if I had thought about it, I could even round the petals or cut them into an interesting shape (I didn’t think about this until after the package was sent off.. derp).

Without further adieu, here are the pictures!

Yellow and Navy Blue, all packed up nice with a heart.

The tutorial that I used to make them was this one off of Craftaholics Anonymous available here.

Thanks for looking!



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