{Forest City Fashionista}

Once upon a time, when I was a university student, I was stopped while walking on campus by a very interesting looking (read: super cool) woman who asked to take my photograph.  Now, this was fairly early in the morning (read: probably more like 11am, but at the time that was early for me), and I even remember getting dressed that morning: Uh clothes, on, hurry, brush hair, ugh,drink tea glug glug.  So I have to say, that I was a little surprised that the photo was for a local fashion blog (she even had business cards, she gave me one which is probably still floating around *somewhere*).  Any ways, I won’t lie, I was a little pleased with myself about this.  I was even more pleased to see that my photo was posted with a seriously adorable Asian student.

This post isn’t *really* intended to toot my own horn of fashion awesomeness, but to let any readers from London, Ontario know about this blog that really tries to focus on local people’s interesting and unique fashion (which must be kind of hard since London is sometimes more than a little lame).  I used to check out her blog every once in a while, until I forgot about it.  Today I saw a link to it and decided to look through some more recent fashion images.  I was even more surprised to find my feet also featured on her blog!  So admittedly, this post is also for me, in case I forget about it or lose the link again.

Well, back to point of this whole story, here is the link to Forest City Fashionista.

And, if you were interested in seeing the two photos of me:

Sleepy student photo.

My shoes are so freaking cool photo.



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