It is Autumn {winter is coming, better get ready with a blog overhaul}

I can’t believe that it is already more than a week into September.  It seems that Summer has gone and past once again, and my stomach is already craving comfort foods and soft blankets.  Despite how much I despise Winter (mostly due to my 15minute walk to the bus stop in order to get to work, in a neighbourhood that is frequently neglected by city snow plows), Autumn is easily my favourite season.  Luckily for me, Autumn seems to be starting a little early, as it has been sweater and jacket weather since September 1st.    I enjoy the unique smells, watching the leaves turn colour, and the cooler weather.

To celebrate Autumn, I decided to do a *huge* overhaul of this blog.  This includes basic aesthetics, such as an updated banner, and background.  I also tried to make the blog a lot easier to find specific things, by completely removing all of my previous categories and re-organizing everything into a few, more focused and descriptive categories.  Previously, I had categories all over the place, and admittedly, I used categories the same way as categories.  This quickly became very confusing for me, so I can’t even imagine how a reader would have went about finding specific topics.

These are my new, hopefully more specific and organized, categories:

  • DIY Home Decorating {you don’t need money to make your home beautiful}
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Art {sketches, printmaking, painting and multi-media}
  • Fine Art Photography {process, reflection and beautiful images}
  • the Wins and Fails of a Solopreneur
  • Sailor Moon {screen shots, merchandise, fan art and more}
  • Pokemon {screen shots, merchandise, fan art and more}
  • Hand Sewn Plush Creations {OOAK, series, gifts, commissions, and craft swaps}
  • Movie Reviews {she’s a real cinephile}
  • Story Telling and Free Style Prose

Looking at this list.. I am starting to think that either I still have too many categories, or I just have too much variety.. But what do others think?  Are these effective categories?  They are certainly better than my previous categories, but I’m not sure if they are as focused or organized properly yet.

I also did a bunch of work on stuff that you can’t see, such as SEO.  But I won’t bore you with that sort of stuff.  I tried, unsuccessfully, to do some changes, such as font size and spacing between lines.  Unfortunately, I do not think that I can customize those things on my blog without paying extra for blog custom design.  Maybe this will push me to move my blog over to my official site?

Of course, this blog overhaul is only one step in a larger project that I’m currently working on.  I will be updating my official sweater eyes website and the sweater eyes etsy shop over the next week or so.  All of this is in preparation of my Autumn 2011 Catalogue (at least that is what I am calling it for now), and I am planning on it being a “look book” of sorts.  Yes, this also means a lot more products will be available for purchase, just in time for Holiday shopping.

Any Internet savvy people out there, if you want to try to help me customize my blog to be better organized, easier to read.. anything, please do!  I want criticism, and tips.



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