Wild Pokemon Live in My Hall {small home style}

In my blog preview post a few weeks ago (has it already been a few weeks?  I am so behind!), I posted a very small thumbnail for this next small home project I recently did.  It was a very quick, easy project, and over all not very difficult, but they makes me smile every time I have to run upstairs and see them blowing around.

So, we have this fan in our upstairs, cathedral ceiling hallway.  The main problem was (besides the fact that the fan is incredibly ugly and there is no way we can possibly reach it to clean it or even change the light bulbs..) we never knew which pull was for which operation.  One of them changes the direction of the fan, another the speed of the fan, and the last was for the light.  (Don’t believe me how ugly and inaccessible this fan is?)

That line on the roof? Thats the top pitch.. no attic.

So, since there isn’t all that much I can do about the fan itself, I thought at least I could make something for the extremely long pulls so that we don’t end up pulling at them randomly hoping that they do what we want.  I decided to make Pokemon charms out of shrink plastic and came up with these designs one afternoon while watching my afternoon stories (if you’re interested, Hell Girl season1).

(pre-shrunk designs)

Once they were shrunk down, I attached them to a slightly thicker cotton woven thread and added colourful beads just for interest sake.  Attaching them to the pulls was incredibly easy, since the old wooden pulls have holes on the bottom and top (so I just slid the wooden piece up, and looped my new fancy pulls around the same knot).  The wooden pulls cover the knots, and allows me to simply take down the pokemon charms at any time.  We still use the wooden pull to actually change any of the fan settings, but that is mostly out of my personal fear that they will break and beads will spill down my stairs.  They are probably strong enough to pull on, but I’d rather be safe.  I think I might paint the wooden pieces sometime, but for now this will do.

(clockwise from top left) charms after being shrunk, charms hanging up (with flash), charms hanging up with no flash

Thank you for looking!  If you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask.



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