Lists {read: how I organize my life}

I like to think that I have great time management.  I mean, I managed to get through my under-grad degree, while working part-time and still getting good marks.  Now, I’m working part-time AND trying to kick-start my own business (by myself).  I *must* have some good time management.  My problem?  I forget everything if I don’t actually see it in front of me.  I also allow myself to waste a lot more time if I don’t have a clear idea of what I *should* be doing.  My solution.. many many lists.  (Although I feel that another problem is one that is incurable at the time being, which is that I simply do not have enough time in the day).

I remember being thirteen years old, and having my cousin over for a week during the summer.  Being thirteen, and living in the country I had way too much free time on my hands.  Even as a kid, I thrived off of creating, and thrived off of being so ridiculously planned and organized that I don’t actually have to think about what to do.  My cousin was pretty horrified at my structure and weekly schedule. Not that I blame her, my schedule included everything from basics like brushing my teeth at proper times of the day, to time to draw, to when I shower.  At the time of my cousin’s terror, I was a little embarrassed.  I knew that this was surely not something that many thirteen year old girls did to their summer, but in a weird way it made me feel comfortable.  Something just feels happy inside when I can check things off of a list.  (Weird I know)

Now, eleven years later, I am once again returning to the glory and comfort of lists and schedules.  However, my new lists are a lot more flexible than they were previously, and I try not to get too worked up when things don’t get done (I tend to put about twice as much stuff on a weekly list than I’m ever able to do).  I use these “master lists” kind of like inspiration boards, and a place for me to store all of my ideas for a wide variety of projects.  I’ll spare you the banal lists of cleaning and chores, and instead show you my much more fun lists:

This way, I always have something to do.. and if I can’t think of anything to do, all I need to do is find something that I feel like doing.  I’m sure that not everything will be done on these lists (and some of the things on these lists aren’t even things you can check off… more of a reference I suppose).

I even have a list on the front of my fridge:

No, that’s not a shopping list, that is a list of food that is in the house that I should/ can eat.  Remember how I mentioned my out of sight, out of mind brain?  Well it applies to food too.  This way, there is a variety of ideas staring at me when I go into the kitchen.  I don’t need to rummage around the freezer or cupboards.  Plus I waste a lot less food, as perishables are less often forgotten.

Thanks for reading.  ^_^



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