{365 day project : first reflection}

Last summer, being a recent university graduate, I was deeply concerned with my ability to motivate myself on my own (technically, I’m still worried about this, but am thankfully working on it rather successfully).   My 365 day photography project (complete series available here) was one of the ways I tried to “force myself” into improving and keep working.  But did it work?

I had *a lot* of energy for this project when I first started (as everyone does who embarks on a 365 day anything project I assume), but I definitely had rough patches.  I struggled during the worst of winter months, bored with taking photos of the snow and bored with being stuck inside.  I also struggled at the very end, I suppose I was running out of easy ideas and didn’t have the motivation to keep going (see first paragraph), but I was determined to finish.  I ended up having to cheat a little bit, I ran about 10 days over when I was supposed to be done.. which means I missed days throughout the year and didn’t even notice.  But I figured it would be worse to stop just short of the 365 photos.

I did slack on my own rules by the end of year also.  Originally, I wanted to ensure that none of the shots were simply “snap shots”, that they were at least somewhat thought out, staged, or some effort to take the photo (uh yeah, some of the shots are quick, me being tired and not wanting to take the time or think of anything I admit, but there are a few snap shots that are actually some of my favourites.. so… win?).  Another rule was that I was only supposed to my fully manual DSLR, with a standard lens (aka: no novelty, fish eyes etc), but that rule was quickly thrown out the window, and I broke the rules even more when I started using an Iphone for some shots (I justified the Iphone usage because it was at the end, and I needed something *anything* to get me interested in the project again).  I think the only rule I didn’t break was that every photo had to be square.

Alpha and Omega:

I plan on reviewing my series, what I learned and some of the ideas behind images and text over a small series of blog posts (expect to see them creep in over the next few weeks).



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