{figuring out how to run a business that makes me happy}

So, its hard to believe that I have been planning and trying to start my business for eight months now.  I have come so far, but I’m ready to move up and forward with everything.  A lot time has been spent, admittedly, at looking at (how I justified it) “inspiration and motivation”.  I’m a huge scatter brain, and this quite literally results in me wanting to do *everything* I find and see.  This is everything from crafts, to cooking, home DIY, fashion… and more.  I really don’t have the time to do everything that I want to do.  But, I’m starting to sort everything that I’m really interested in and trying to organize my time to incorporate everything that I love (and all the chores of course).
One big thing I have learned about working in my home, is the importance of having a home that is at least organized and some what tidy.  I admit, I am a huge pack rat.  I hoard, and pile and keep things forever.  To make matters worse, my partner also hoards, and piles and keeps things forever.  Even though we have  a two bedroom house, with a *basically* finished basement, we are still overflowing with stuff.  Not only is organization an issue, but generally speaking, we haven’t decorated the house (and we’ve lived here for four years now): we don’t have anything hanging on the walls, everything is still painted the same beige colour of when we moved in (well, except for the fireplace!), and nothing matches.  Slowly, this is being changed.. I’ve been working on small projects around the house and have an insane list of more to do.  But home DIY stuff is still only part of how I’m spending my time, even though I *want* to spend more time on it right now, I know that I’m really using it as an escape from my business work.

So, besides cleaning and decorating everything in sight, I’m still trying to run my own business here.  This is proving to be a lot more work than originally thought.  I need to spend a fair amount of time online just to try to start-up:  update Facebook, update my website and Flickr, list on Etsy, network on forums and communities, post to image browsers, and blog.  I admit, that I have been slacking in this department, but I’m working on that.  This post includes a sneak peek to a bunch of blog posts that I will be working on in the next two weeks.  Did I mention that my Etsy store is actually up and running?  Check it out!

Of course, in order to have an online business, I need to make things too.  This is where I run into problems: I want to make so many different things, that nothing gets done.  So I do what I do: made a visual list of everything I could possibly be interested in doing.  Then I looked through and thought seriously about what I really *want* to work on.  I discovered that my I could easily break my main interests into three categories: plushie making, doll making, and book making.  With that in mind, it is easy to divide my day between different things, activities and chores.  I keep lists so that I don’t neglect any one thing (I’m one of those people where if I don’t see it, I will forget about it).  But my lists are flexible enough that I can easily change them around and do different things.

So, while I’m still figuring out exactly how to a business that makes me happy, I know that I am making positive changes that will help me succeed in doing so.

Teaser for eight new blog posts:

(not necessarily shown in the order they will be posted)

Also, photos from a recent event, Burn the Kids 4 were just added to my Facebook page!  I made a bokeh lens for the fireworks event, which made for some fun photos. (and featuring Vagrancy Films)  ^_^


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