{new new new Sailor Moon merch}

So, I have found multiple new sources for North American Sailor Moon merchandise.. I have to admit though, that I am not overly excited about this new merch..


Four shirts available at Hot Topic

Despite the variety of designs/ characters… the shirts really leave something to be desired.  I would have loved them when I was ten years old, but I honestly do not know if I could wear them now (and that is coming from me, who has no problem displaying my geeky loves and wearing clothing that makes me look younger than I am…).  I *might* be able to use them for cutting up, but at $22.50 US… seems a bit pricey for something I could make at home with a printer and transfer paper.  The over all design of them make them look like the should be sold at Hot Topic, which makes me a little sad (especially the Tuxedo Mask one)(and I mean that, as in they are poorly designed with block-y and terrible fonts and generic hearts and squiggles).  But there have been people saying that Hot Topic stores have had key chains, and even dolls!  Maybe the next time we go to Toronto, we will stop by the new Hot Topic there and see if they have anything.
The shirts are licensed by Hybrid Apparel.


I also found the Hot Topic line of shirts for sale on Amazon.com.. however, they were more expensive than Hot Topic.  I also noticed that there was a lot of key chains and back packs for sale, at what seemed to be normal prices.. Are these official?  Or are these Bootlegs?  With the buzz that is happening right now with Sailor Moon (the re-release of the manga, plus English release of Sailor V, plus the new products in Italy, now this new stuff in North America.. it would make sense that Bootleggers would start making Sailor Moon stuff again too).  I found the key chains at this Amazon seller: ABCTOY4me  and the bags at: Dailyshop3

(While also browsing Amazon, I noticed that they have the *new* covers up for Sailor Moon Vol2 and 3, as well as Codename Sailor V Vol2.)

Lastly, I found that Great Eastern Entertainment, Inc. also has some new product images up, but they are not yet available (prices are not listed yet either).  They include a set of playing cards, a wall scroll, notebook and a binder.

This lower end stuff makes me pretty excited, I would probably buy most (if not all) of those items if I found them in a store at a regular price.   Although I really do want to see some nice quality transformation wands and lockets at prices like $29.99 again.


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