{I hold you sweetly in my head} : La Dispute live

This past Tuesday, I had the joy of seeing one of my all-time-favourite bands, La Dispute (anyone who knows me, knows how hard I fell for this band as soon as I started listening to them).  They played at the London Music Hall, and for only $12, there was no way I was going to miss this show.

the only picture I took that night

Despite being surrounded by high school girls (they surely do not fully appreciate the depth of La Dispute’s music and lyrical mastery I bitterly thought, but to be fair I once was a high school who also thought I understood love and loss too), but it was amazing.  I only wish they had played Last Lost Continent, which the crowd pleaded for at the end of the set.  They did come back for an encore, and apologized for not playing Last Lost Continent due to the fact that it frequently becomes a 45 minute long song live.. personally I would have loved for them to only play that song, the entire time.  It is by far my favourite song by them (and clearly a song loved by many others in the crowd).  I actually didn’t take any pictures during the show, I’m happy that my partner did get a couple.  The crowd was fairly rough (although pretty tame in comparison to other shows we’ve been to), and since we weren’t right in the front, it made taking photos more work than it was worth.  Plus, I think have a rather different view of the necessity of photographs to remember an event, and would rather enjoy shows in the moment, instead of worrying about breaking my camera/ getting a good shot.

photo taken by Korpolfr

photo taken by Korpolfr

photo taken by Korpolfr

One of the girls that was in front of me posted two videos from the night also (I assume it was the one girl in front of me, I saw that she had a camera throughout the show and the angle and view of the show makes perfect sense).  I was happy that this was posted, because the Castle Builders was definitely a highlight of the show for me.

(although the audio quality is terrible, I love seeing and snippets of shows that I attended on youtube later).


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