Went thrifting today, and man did Jerry and I ever find some awesome shit.

Cool Asian bead craft and knot books, Totoro puzzle, mandatory Hello Kitty

We got a somewhat “surprise bag” of stuff, all we could really see was the Totoro puzzle, and another weird teddy bear puzzle.  But those craft books were in there, one even has a tutorial for making what is obviously a Pikachu.  There was also an Asian craft kit, but it was sadly incomplete, but at least I got some poly-fill out of it.

Got this for only $1.50.

But…. of course I saved the best for last::

Sailor Moon lunch bag!

It’s in amazing condition, it looks brand new (maybe it is.. haha).  But I was so freaking happy when I found this, I don’t find Sailor Moon stuff very often (if ever really).  ^_^





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