{first commission}

So I recently finished my first special commission.  I was asked to make a Soot sprite from Miyazaki films.  This is the image I was given as a source (not that I didn’t already know what they looked like though ^_^):

This project posed some great new challenges for me, it was my firs time making a plushie out of only faux-fur and I wanted the arms and legs to be pose-able.  I’m really happy with how it turned out, although I think I could have finished/ sewn in the legs in a better way.  But what to do other people think?

I had  a fun time making him, I don’t normally make fan plushies.. but I am really tempted to make one of these for myself.  I have enough of the silver and black fur to make two or three more.. hmm.

In other news, my “Spring that Takes all Year” cleaning is going well.. the bedroom is so tidy, that I’m actually starting to somewhat decorate in there again.  Maybe I’ll post pictures soon?  The art room and the craft room are also coming along.

word of wisdom, my friends


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