{Sailor Moon Love}

So, I recently signed up for my second Craftster swap, this time one that is fine tuned to my interests:  Sailor Moon Plushie Swap!  Although I was not planning on joining another swap for a couple more weeks, I simply could not resist this one.. I would have seen the gallery and gushed over what could have possibly been made for me.  Today, partners were released and I was paired up with theatreorchid.
So, in celebration of this swap, as well as to give a better idea what I love.. here is a huge amount of Sailor Moon images, screen shots and some fanart that I love.  I have included only one on the front page, but after the cut you will find more Sailor Moon than most can handle (but not me of course!).

Easily my favourite of all time, its just so weird! I also love Sailor Moon with silver hair.

(Click to view larger)

(also, I have included some fanart, I would love to link the sources if anyone knows them… I am terrible at keeping original sources when I save and a lot of fan art that I save is off of Tumblr which is notorious for not including original sources, just let me know!)

Beautiful Luna as a human.

I know capes are not practical, but they look so cool!

I honestly do not know if this is "offical" or not, but its lovely.

An epic fan piece, which I have no idea the original source (I would love to link if someone knows)

I do not think it would be possible to walk in that dress...

I had a camera that looked like that as a kid.Another fan piece I lack the source of... *sad*One of my favourite manga scenes.

I love this fan piece, but I am mostly posting it for my partner.

Oh Haruka, you have such a way with the ladies.

I have never fully understood Artemis` human clothing.

Did you know that Ami was originally supposed to be a robot? And that in the plot line she was going to lose an arm? Badass.

From my favourite episode, and what I was considering for a tattoo for a while.

Art Nouveau fan piece.

So Rococo! So lavish!