{I have a fever}

So, in my never-ending quest of internet networking, sometimes I actually manage to stumble onto things that are just… fantastic.  I have found the world of internet blog giveaways, and they are addicting.  I had no idea so many even existed.  I love them, not only because they are a great chance to win much-needed craft supplies, or win some beautifully hand-crafted items, but because I can justify the time spent entering them as “networking” (that makes it okay, right?).

It all started with this site: http://www.craftbuds.com

From there I have found tonnes of amazing giveaways, but this one really takes the cake:

1choiceforquilting blog has a super duper giveaway with a seriously wide variety of prizes.

Click here in order to enter and have a chance to win too!  You only have until Sunday to enter, so act quick.

One of the prizes is five yards of beautiful fabric.. no wait.. two prizes are that!

The website also has a wide, and beautiful selection of fabric.  Their shipping rates are also surprisingly reasonable (especially if you live in the states, which unfortunately I do not.. but $11.50 is still really cheap).

Vintage designs make me swoon.

Slightly more silly, but definitely adorable.


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