{first craft swap}

So, a few weeks ago (has it really been that long already? gah) I completed my very first craft swap on Crafster.org

I love the idea of craft swapping, mostly I love it because there are awesome swap themes which will allow me to make fan-art without feeling bad.  (There is actually a Sailor Moon plushie craft swap that is open right now… which I plan on entering.. I just… can’t… resist.. ).  But I was kind of nervous about swapping, I didn’t want to screw up, plus I’m still a little new to sending packages and this is a great way for me to practice.  So I entered a “newbie swap” that is designed for people who haven’t swapped before to get used to the process and the rules.

I was paired up with the member Lynnz232.

This is the package that I received from her:

It included:

A really cool Sailor Moon note-book, she made it using crayon transfer (which by the way is pretty cool, and I think I might have to try it sometime seeing as I literally have thousands of crayons in the house).  I’m already putting this note-book to good use, as my personal sales book, I keep a pink crystal pen with it which matches perfectly for writing everything.  So pretty.

A blue fabric bowl, which I haven’t found a permanent location for yet.  The chocolates in the picture also came with the package.  Yum!

A pokemon bracelet, with charms of my favourite two pokemon (bulbasaur and vaporeon of course!).  I might add this all onto a nice chain to make it into a necklace.  ^_^

A hand-painted cup commemorating my first craft swap, and a state map of Michigan (that’s where she is from, and seeing as I live close to Michigan will come in handy in the future).

Thanks so much Lynnz!  You really made items based on what I loved.

This is the package that I sent to her:

Her package included: a hand-woven, and hand-dyed newspaper basket, set of heart perler magnets, flower loom clips, hand-painted clothes pins, a matchbox for her son (it has his name in Galactic Basic Standard script) with a small rebel alliance charm inside, and most importantly: a custom catopus!  I made the catopus based on her own cat, named Kitty.  This was the first time I attempted to make a catopus based on a specific cat, and it was a lot of fun trying to match it up.

I made sure to take a picture of the catopus with the image I received from Lynnz of Kitty.. do you think they look alike?

And just another shot of Kitty.. for good measure.  ^_^


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