{cinnamon buns recipe}

Recently, I have been pushing myself to experiment in the kitchen. My newest, and most favourite base ingredient (if I can even call it that…) is pancake mix. I love pancake mix. I have used it to make cheese scones, dumplings for soup and stew, and now… cinnamon buns. I am so happy with my recipe, that I have decided to share it. ^_^ My favourite part of this recipe, is that I can easily make as much as I want right now, so I always have fresh cinnamon desserts. (recipe at the end)

Just to warn you, I do not use any exact measurements. All measurements are approximate only.

What you need:
{mixing bowl
clean work area (you need to roll the dough out)
some sort of pan for the oven
little bowl}

pancake mix (1 cup)
milk (2-4 table spoons)
vegetable oil (1 table-spoon)
brown sugar

Step1: In the mixing bowl, mix the pancake mix, a tablespoon of oil and a little little bit of milk. Put in as much brown sugar, cinnamon and any other additions that you want. I use a spoonful of brown sugar, and half a spoonful of cinnamon. Other additions could include, raisins (or other dried fruit), chocolate chips, vanilla extract, nuts, etc.

Step2: Mash it up with a fork. Mix in a little bit of milk at a time until you have a thick dough (much thicker than if you were making pancakes). If it is too runny, add more pancake mix

Step3: Put some flour onto your work space and start separating the dough into small, thick strips. You can use a rolling-pin if you have it. I use my fingers to press the dough into shape. If you are feeling super lazy, then you can also just rip the dough into small, 1.5inch balls to make a monkey bread style dessert.

Step4: In a separate bowl, heat margarine, and mix with cinnamon and brown sugar. Brush this mixture onto the prepared dough.

Step5: Roll up the dough to form rolls. Press each roll into your oven pan, somewhat close together. Unless you have a non-stick pan, rub a bit of margarine into the pan and toss a little bit of flour onto the bottom. Alternatively, if you made monkey bread, squish the little balls into a single layer in the middle of your pan. Brush with any left over margarine mix.

Step6: Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes, or until cooked all the way through.

Step 6.5:
Use 2-3 table spoons of milk mixed with a couple spoonfuls of icing sugar. Add more milk or sugar to get the consistency you want! If you want, add food colouring. ^_^

Step 7:
Eat! ^_^
Sweater Eyes


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