Last weekend I found out about a bunch of bloggers and crafters who were putting on raffles in order to raise money for the Japanese relief efforts. Its times like this when I wish I was a little bit more established (soon, once Shock Stock happens all my efforts will be going towards online marketing, selling and organization) so that I could have also offered a raffle, but I did do the next best thing, donating and entering raffles (of course).

{click image to be directed to the organizer’s blog and full raffle list}

Although most (if not all) the raffles are done now, there is one being hosted on Jojo’s blog here. It is for a mother’s day bracelet or pendant.

Jojo also added up all the money raised, and these are the numbers (so I stole these numbers err):
US$ 1807.88
AUS$ 1075

which all added up and converted into one currency is…
¥ 371,884 (or $4468.25 CAN)


So I entered a raffle on this blog.

I am pretty excited to be getting this bunch of goodies, lots of buttons, thread, yarn and even tea! Thank you fern for having such a lovely mix raffle, and thank you to all the other bloggers who held raffles and raised money. It is organization and group effort like this that makes me want to become part of the online crafting community.

But of course, all of this comes because of a disaster, so if you are reading this and have not donated some money to the Japanese relief efforts, please, every penny counts.

Current Japan Stats:
DEATH TOLL: 11,004 confirmed
MISSING: 17,339 people
(and these are all AT LEAST)

“People are not good to each other.
I suppose they never will be.
I don’t ask them to be.
But sometimes I think about it.
There must be a way.
Surely, there must be a way”
(La Dispute: Five)


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