Just as I thought Spring was coming.

This past I have been quite excited with the slightly warming weather.. only to wake up yesterday to a blizzard (of sorts) outside. Gah. Thanks Canada.

Since I was stuck inside all day (although admittedly self-inflicted), I decided that it was time to take some photos of what I’ve been working on. This is my latest finished mini-series, this herd of Ultrasauros are so underground that they might not have even existed.

face to face: prototype Ultrasaurus (left) meets the last Ultrasaurs (right)

Business cards!

In my little home studio. <3

I’m still finishing up the last of the dinosaur trilogy, as well as doing lots of perler beads and plush key chains. I feel a little tiny bit of stress disappear with everything I complete. ^_^

Ultrasauros pillows, available this April 29th- May 1st 2011, at Shock Stock (in London, Ontario).

This is actually a photo from my 365 series, but I bought this lovely little porcelain strawberry pot holder that I can’t wait to grow strawberries in. I want to wait for the weather to be a bit warmer.. so for now it is just waiting.

281/365 sweatereyes photography



One thought on “Just as I thought Spring was coming.

  1. love what you are doing!!!! :)
    love the pot can’t wait to see strawberries growing in it….keep up the good work and good luck May 1st.

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