Finally! My Breakin’ post.. almost a week late (but I have my reasons.. I swear).

So last Wednesday, February 23rd, Vagrancy Films played the 80’s break dance movie Breakin’. I love this movie, and I remember trying to dance like that when I was about 5, in a leotard in front of the TV. So, without much further adieu.. some photo montages of the best moments throughout the night, plus some silly promotional shots the myself, Sweater Eyes, and Britani of Sunflower Skins acting up in the bathroom. Enjoy!

(click to see images larger)

Grimbrother Jake attending to business, amazing (and orignal) Breakin' poster, fresh burgers trailer, Wizard, and the most Anthropologically inaccurate Anthropology movie ever.

Poor Patrick Dempsy, is that Tron? Oh no, well too bad, a real traditional dance routine, the competition, and learning how to street dance.

Candy coloured distractions.

Candy Coloured Distractions pt.2

dance, dance, dance dance, coco.

dance, dance, Breakin', and Electric Boogaloo.



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