So, although I did not exactly “plan” on having new years resolutions, I guess I kind of did this year. I am dedicating myself to organizing and re-decorating most of the house, as well as cleaning out the art room in order to make room for my home office/ crafting and art room (this second one I’ll have to get to later though). I tend to procrastinate, a lot, and have a hard time making final decisions. I bought my house more than three years ago, and yet I hadn’t painted a wall, and I’ve barely hung anything on the walls. But this is going to change!
I had an array of paint swatches taped to my fire-place bricks, and wall for about half a year. Luckily, this past Christmas my parents bought me paint in my chosen colours, as well as painting supplies so I had no excuse to wait any longer.
(I am the worst for remembering to take before pictures, so I had already started taping the fireplace when I took these)

I hated this fireplace even before I moved in, but I was never sure what to do with it. It is literally about 8ft wide, and in a somewhat awkward location for layout, so we tried to ignore it most of the time. The mantle was always cluttered with vagrant dinosaurs, and random movie and music posters.


So I decided on a bold red for the wall and a dark grey for the bricks. I decided to leave the wood unpainted for now, there is a heavy varnish on the wood that I’m afraid I don’t have the tools to remove properly right now. I also decided to string picture hanging wire across the wall in order to hang up the mini posters we used to have sitting on the mantle. I plan on doing another strand along the top, once I figure out what I can do to keep the string straight across (instead of dipping down). So I’m not really happy with how the wire and posters are right now, but I’m happy with how the painting turned out.

Most of the time spent was on the bricks. I had to clean the bricks really well before painting, I did this using a spray bottle with clean water and a rough scrub pad with hot water and bleach. The bricks took an entire day to themselves due to drying times between washings, and between coats. Because my bricks were really rough and uneven, I had to do them with a brush. I had a hell of a time getting the paint into all of the little holes and crevices, but it only took two coats to cover still. It took me about 4 hours to do the first coat on the bricks (but only about 40 minutes for the second coat). The wall was much quicker and easier. There was a lot less to tape, and the roller was much much faster. The wall only took about one hour to paint (for both coats).

So all in all, I’m pretty pleased with myself. But then I look around and realize that I still have so much to do! I have a bunch of wall paint waiting for me in my basement, just begging to be used and an entire house that wants some colour. I have a huge list of DIY redecorating ideas, which will probably take me all year to do. Hopefully my next redecorating post will be my new art room! It’s almost done and my mouth is already salivating at its new-found usefulness.



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