New Sailor Moon coming 2011?!?

It feels as though every day I do my rounds of Sailor Moon searching (in reality I do this about three times a week, but sometimes its more or less). What do I even expect to find? There hasn’t been anything *new* in Sailor Moon for years, and most of the rights (around the world) are up in the air. Most of the time, I am happy to find some new fan art, some really good cosplays… So when I find anything, and I mean anything new, I get excited. Last year (around September I think), I started to hear whispers in the internet about a global revival of the series (supposedly Toei started looking to revive the series in February of last year). Although Sailor Moon is still not airing in North America, it is apparently only getting more popular in (of all places) Italy. Funimation did a survey in 2009 about the possibility of them re-dubbing Sailor Moon (well, most of season one, then seasons two through four, excluding SuperS TV special). The feedback must have been positive, considering the Sailor Moon fanbase is still alive and strong in North America.
(more info and photos in the full entry!!)

My hope of a huge Sailor Moon revival only grew when I came across a brand new Sailor Moon logo (seen in the photos below). To be honest though, I don’t know what I think about this logo, it is certainly more “girly” than the previous logos (especially the North American logo also below). But is girly bad? One might even say that Sailor Moon capitalizes on it’s girliness. But what do other people think?

(I got this new Sailor Moon image from Moon Kitty website:

The official Japanese website also recently (I noticed at the end of December) had an overhaul and complete layout change. Unfortunately, I can’t enjoy the website beyond how pretty it is since I can’t speak Japanese. :(

But, then I found this gem:

Yes, you saw right. A new Sailor Moon DS game, to be released in Spring 2011. Unfortunately, it is only being released in Italy right now, and there has been no news about it being translated. This is only the second Sailor Moon game released outside of Japan, and the first Sailor Moon game released in more than ten years.
Supposedly the game will let consumers play as the five scouts, all with their own abilities and powers, as they explore three different “dream worlds” in order to save their friend. From the looks of screen shots, it might be a side scroller? Oh please, please be a side scroller. Although through my rough translations of the press reports (all in Italian gah), it is described as having puzzles, I have already decided that even if this game is never brought to North America, I will be struggling through the Italian version.
Here are some screen shots, to see more go here:

Things that are interesting about the new Sailor Moon images:
Only the inner senshi
Original outfits
All in all look like season one

Sooooo…. despite all the rumours and hopes, it looks more like the revival is only a re-dubbing/ re-airing of the original series, rather than any *new* episodes or a series re-boot. But this new stuff is exciting all the same, it still has me dreaming of buying Sailor Moon merchandise in stores at reasonable prices again.


9 thoughts on “New Sailor Moon coming 2011?!?

  1. I wonder if they would release the episodes originaly left out in the American dubbing… That would be nice. After watching those left out episodes I still canntot figure out why they left them out. :(

    • To a certain extent, I understand why DiC left out some of the episodes from season 1 that they did. Such as the couple that they cut out at the beginning (Japanese episodes 2,5,6). Not because I think that there is anything wrong with the episodes, but because it does get a little tiring at the start as Usagi struggles with her new powers alone (Ami is not introduced until episode 8). After about 4 episodes, I couldn’t wait for another Sailor Scout. So their reasoning was probably that American children wouldn’t wait long enough for the other characters to be introduced.
      But I don’t know why they took out the beach episode, other than they didn’t want kids to see the girl in bikinis? I don’t see that as being a problem anymore in a kids show.
      The most baffling however, is episode 42, which I think is quite important for understanding Minako’s character.

      Although I would prefer them to translate all of the episodes from season one, I think I would settle for a GOOD re-dubbing, without all the chopping up and fucking around that DiC did. Some of the episodes are hardly even recognizable to their originals, and the personalities of the characters were dumbed down and insulting. :(

  2. I totally agree. They messed a lot with the characters which is why I went online and bought the first three seasons in all there original Japanese beauty!

  3. Thaks for all the great information! hey have ever watched episode 67 of sailor moon or any of the never dubbed into English shorts/mini episodes? Thier are 5 of them. Any way hope to see for S.M. postings frome you in the future.

    • I’ve watched the entire series in Japanese, so I have seen the “missing” episodes (some of which I understand why they were left out.. others not so much). My favourite missing episode is from season one, where we find out more about Minako’s history.

  4. Ya know theirs a english sailor moon game called sailor moon another story i am not gonig to talk bout it cause if i do i will end up saying the ending but its pretty fun i played it last winter and finished it in 2 days i would get up at 7 and play till 2 in the morning!

  5. I haven’t watch Sailor Moon on television in a long time since I started watching it back in 1999 when I was 8 yrs. old. You know how like the Cartoon Network share a program block (Toonami) to a different network channels such as the WB, CBS, and etc? Well thats when I started to watch sailor moon on television with these network channels. But something happen to it, and it never show sailor moon again. So I don’t know what happen, although I did watch a couple of episodes. But somehow the show got dropped on the network channels and it continue airing on Cartoon Network’s Toonami.

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