Christmas is finally over.

So I was certainly busy this past Christmas, as I decided to make most of the gifts I gave to other people.
(click images to enlarge)

I made this Kodos plushie for my dad:

He is made with Neon Green felt, and post-consumer eco-filling. He stands approximately 7 inches tall.

This lovely octopus I made for my co-conspirator Sunflower Skins:

She is made with navy blue eco-felt, and post-consumer eco-filling. She is stands delicately small at about 4 inches, and is about 4 inches wide.
We also made Sunflower Skins perler bead coasters, but we actually failed to take pictures of them before giving them away. :(

For my mom and sisters I made home-mixed bath salts, using aloes and a variety of salts. I attempted making soap, which although I still included in their gifts (seen in the re-purposed match boxes in yellow), I am unsure how successful they are. With my mom’s, I also made a simple rice heating pack.

Merry Christmas is over!
Sweater Eyes.


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