Tattoo Ideas: Sailor Moon pt.2

Although it might take some searching, there are actually a lot of Sailor Moon inspired tattoos out there.
Currently, I am watching Sailor Stars, and I just finished the Super S arc in the Manga. After looking at a lot of Naoko Takeuchi’s coloured drawings, I am kind of falling in love with the style the Manga offers. (I have always loved tattoos that have comic black borders, but have never had any ideas that fit with it.. so maybe this will work?)
Actually, the more I think about Sailor Moon tattoos, the more I want more than one. :(

Anyways, most of you don’t care about what I’m thinking about for tattoos, you just want to see the tattoos.
Again, if your tattoo is here and you want it taken down just send me an e-mail and I will, no problems!

I’m not going to lie, every time I see someone with a Sailor Moon chest piece, a little part of me wants one too.

This is definitely a bad ass tattoo, and I’m pretty sure that its on a guy. Such nice shading and colouring! Fairly iconic image of Sailor Moon (albeit flipped) from the Supers movie. Did I mention my favourite Sailor Moon movie is Super S?
EDIT:: I don’t know what I was thinking, this is from the Sailor Moon R movie: Promise of the Rose . How embarrassing. :(

This is one that I was seriously considering for a long time. Chibi Usa used to be one of my favourite characters.. however I am not sure how much I really like her anymore after watching the series (to the end of Super S). This is the time key that she uses to travel between Crystal Tokyo and (1995ish) Tokyo. But I just don’t know if I want anything related to her now, despite how cool having a time key would be.

I like the stylization of her hair and the manga style outlining of the entire thing. At first I thought it was weird she didn’t have legs, but actually I think its better without (its more balanced and contained without her legs).

The colours of this one is great. Its a simply design that was nicely done. Although I can’t for the life of me figure out where on their body this is?

I really wish I could have found a bigger image of this one. The centre looks great, very detailed and the colours look like they are very pretty. I am not sure if the rest of the chest piece is Sailor Moon or not, and I can’t read the words above it. If this is your tattoo, I would love a nicer image of this (and more information!)!!

I have always preferred personalized and modified images for my tattoos, over just taking an image and using it. I like having tattoos that no one else has. Currently, I am still really loving the scene of Sailor Moon and Luna floating in pink (from the Doom Tree arc at the beginning of Sailor Moon R). But I think I might integrate with me new love of the manga by using line work like this: (this manga image is from a different scene than what I am thinking about because the Doom Tree arc does not appear in the manga, Sailor Moon is just in a similar pose):



16 thoughts on “Tattoo Ideas: Sailor Moon pt.2

  1. The girl with the broach chest piece you like is a good friend of mine, and the only tattoo artist I trust! I don’t know how old this post is but I could get her to send you a better picture of it with more description. It’s fully colored in now, looks sweeeet. :)

  2. It’s great to hear good things about my tattoo, I’m the owner of the Sailor Moon tattoo of Usagi with the ribbon and shimmering siler crystal. I had that done in January of this year and it continues to be my favorite piece. And yes, I am a guy lol.

    Although, while you are right about it being iconic, it’s from the R movie, Promise of the Rose. Thanks for the kind words! I always love hearing good things :D

    • Honestly, I think that tattoo is the nicest and most beautiful Sailor Moon tattoo that I have seen. Silly me though, I knew that it was from the R movie (not S) but its been a while since I’ve watched them (its from the scene where she take the crystal out of her chest to save the planet from the asteroid, I think). Anyways, its is seriously beautiful.

  3. I love seeing so many Sailor Moon tattoos. Everyone told me I was weird for wanting one so it makes me feel better to know that so many other people have them. Does anyone mind if I use your general ideas?

    • Personally, I don’t see any problem with using general ideas and getting inspiration from other’s tattoos for your own. However, I don’t recommend directly copying anyone’s. Not only because I’m sure the other people wouldn’t appreciate it, but also because you want to make sure that your tattoo is meaningful and individual to you.

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  6. HI there! I’m the owner of the time key! Thanks for featuring me! I still love my time key because it was from the first episode I ever saw of sailor moon when I was in 3rd grade.

    • Love to hear the personal reasons behind tattoos! Especially when they feature something that is so significant in my life as well, which obviously Sailor Moon is. ^_^ (The first episode I ever saw was the cruise ship one where Serena uses her disguise pen to be a pro photographer, and spies on Rae and Ami basically being on a date)

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