New Lens!!

So I got my new lens in the mail today, and so of course I had to play with it. Who else to take photos of other than my adorable little model monsters?

Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Filter: Hoya UV(0)

(for some reason I took this photo with my old lens instead of taking the new one out of the box.. oh well).

Initial reaction: I read a lot of reviews that said that this lens was somewhat flimsy in make.. but mine seems to be pretty stable. I was happy with how light the lens actually is though, which is maybe what they were referring to.

So, I put the f-stop all the way to 1.8, I wanted to see what this puppy could do (and this was the main reason why I chose this lens).
These two photos of Dante were taken inside, with no lights on and only a small amount of ambient window light (on an overcast day):

Ah look at the lovely blurred background! Loves.

I definitely notice the difference in the speed of the lens compared to my old one (I guess I should point out that I was using the kit lens before).

I decided to add a little bit of light for photographing Edi. He has always been difficult to photograph because he is all black, and does not like to sit still like Dante does.

So, I love this lens. I can not wait to make my Bokeh lens to put over it. My only complaint is that the auto focus seems a little iffy, it does not like to lock onto things, but I am still very happy with these results. I can not wait to do some photo shoots with this baby.

All of these photos are unedited, with the exception of my watermark.


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