Tattoo ideas: Sailor Moon

Anyone who knows me, or has known me since I was a kid, knows that I love Sailor Moon. I am currently working my way through the entire series (Japanese with English subs) and the manga.
The fact that I want a Sailor Moon tattoo is only natural to my being. I lived and breathed Sailor Moon as a kid, and with re-watching the series, I have a new appreciation for the show. There was a lot of themes and ideas that I simply never got when I was younger, and I certainly never really appreciated the animation. Not to mention the fact that the uncensored Japanese episodes are a million times better than the DIC dubs.

So I have been looking up Sailor Moon tattoos that other people have. I would never steal someone else’s tattoo and put it on myself, but I always like to see what other people are doing regardless. Most of the time I just learn what not to do.
DISCLAIMER: I obviously do not own these images, as they are not of myself or anyone I know, I found these all through the google. If one of your tattoos appears here and you want it taken down, e-mail me and tell me which one and I will take it down.

My initial thought for tattoos was get one of Sailor Moon’s transformation brooches (or I guess you know Chibi-usa). My only problem with this is that I have no idea where to put a tattoo like this. I already have a chest piece, which is the first logical place to put it. Although I was considering putting it under my chest piece, and therefore right in between my tits. But I want to be able to show it off a bit.. so that rules that idea out. I was also considering one of her wands, like maybe the one from SuperS? Then I could get it on my leg or something. These four tattoos I think look pretty good, about the size I would consider for a brooch tattoo.

(actually I think this last one is lovely).

At first I certainly did not even consider a tattoo of a character. I still shy away from “anime culture” because it is just embarrassing how most of those kids act. I could never associate myself with “that” type. Getting a character just seemed bad. But I have seen some decent ones, and a lot of terrible ones. Actually, my main idea so far is actually a character.. which I’ll get to at the end.

Yea.. I don’t think this is a very good time. Good effort I suppose. What are her wings made out of?

The only reason I can appreciate this one is because it is of Mistress 9, who is totally badass. But the tattoo itself is … well lack luster.

Where is her tiara? Although I like the classic pose, this just looks messy and lazy.

No comment.

I like the abstraction of this one, but I don’t know… something just doesn’t seem right about it. It doesn’t seem balanced and finished.

This one kind of explains why I don’t want a character tattooed on me.. It just looks too kitschy and poorly done.

This is probably my favourite character one that I found, I love the line work and the splash of colour. Sailor Moon has got a bitch look on her face like she wants to punch someone. I like that. I also like that the name of tattoo when I saved it was “true sailor pride”.

Butterflies? wtf. I am not even going to discuss the fact that it is a splat tat. Sad.

I found this half sleeve for the first time today, and I am pretty impressed. I still don’t have an idea for my upper sleeve, but I don’t think I could fully dedicate it to Sailor Moon.

So I want my tattoo to mean as much as it possibly can. I can’t actually decide until I have watched and read everything. But so far, my favourite episode is from the Doom Tree mini-arc at the beginning of Sailor Moon R. Sailor Moon is sucked into the Earth by a giant tree, and Luna tries to save her but is also sucked into the ground. Luna is by far my favourite character, and I love the relationship between Luna and Usagi.

I like the colouring of them, it takes it away from looking too “Sailor Moon-y”. There are some other of screen shots from this part, but I am not going to post them. Why? Because I’m getting lazy. Plus I want to go re-watch in order to take my own screen shots so that it is more what I want.


4 thoughts on “Tattoo ideas: Sailor Moon

  1. I think the silhouette tatt looks like ts missing something because the shape is wrong. the front of her chest and stomach is completely flat and has no “shape” to it. but i do agree with you on it.

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